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Brand Identity Style Guides

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I came across this amazing list of Brand Identity Style Guides, lovingly compiled by Davia Airey from LOGO DESIGN LOVE !


(Last updated: 30 November 2012)

  1. Adobe corporate brand guidelines (PDF)
  2. Alberta corporate identity manual
  3. Apple identity guidelines (PDF)
  4. Barbican identity guidelines (PDF)
  5. BASF summary of corporate design policy (PDF)
  6. Bath Spa University brand guidelines (PDF)
  7. Berkeley identity
  8. Best Buy brand identity
  9. Bitdefender brand guidelines
  10. Boston University brand identity standards
  11. Boy Scouts of America brand identity guide (PDF)
  12. British Council brand guidelines
  13. British Rail corporate identity manual
  14. Carnegie Mellon brand guidelines
  15. Channel 4 identity style guides
  16. Christopher Doyle identity guidelines
  17. Cisco logo usage and guidelines
  18. Columbia College Chicago brand identity manual
  19. Cornell University brand book
  20. Duke University style guide
  21. easyGroup brand manual (PDF)
  22. Edinburgh City brand identity guidelines (PDF)
  23. Esso Imperial Oil quick reference guide (PDF)
  24. Good Technology brand identity guide
  25. Haas School of Business identity standards style guide (PDF)
  26. Heineken company visual identity
  27. IEEE brand identity guidelines
  28. Liberty University brand identity policy
  29. Lloyd’s brand
  30. Macmillan identity guide
  31. MasterCard brand center
  32. Microsoft corporate logo guidelines
  33. Mozilla Firefox branding
  34. NAMI identity guidelines
  35. National University of Singapore identity
  36. New York University identity and style guide
  37. NHS brand guidelines
  38. NYU-Poly identity style guide
  39. Ohio University brand standards
  40. Oregon State University brand identity guidelines
  41. Pacific University brand standards (PDF)
  42. Pearson logos and style guides
  43. Penguin logo guidelines
  44. Princeton University graphic identity (PDF)
  45. PRSA guidelines & logos
  46. Redfern brand identity guidelines (PDF)
  47. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College style guide
  48. San Francisco International Airport identity program
  49. Skype brand book
  50. The University of Texas brand guidelines
  51. University of Arkansas graphic identity style guide
  52. University of California brand guidelines
  53. University of Cambridge identity guidelines
  54. University of East Anglia brand identity guidelines (PDF)
  55. University of Louisville brand graphics policy (PDF)
  56. University of Northern Colorado identity style guide (PDF)
  57. University of Wisconsin-Madison brand identity guidelines
  58. Vanderbilt University graphic standards
  59. Virginia Tech identity standards
  60. Walmart brand guidelines (PDF)
  61. Yale University identity guidelines

Here are a few extras that I have added….

  1. Nike Football
  2. I Love NY (PDF)